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Bartscher & Apexa catering equipment - Restaurant & Catering equipment

Buffet equipment

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 Bartscher Trolley Adjutant
 Bartscher Hot water dispenser 10L
Hot water dispenser
 Bartscher Insulated dispenser 9,0L, SS
Insulated dispenser
 Bartscher Food service cart WB3110
Food service cart

Cleaning Machines

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 Bartscher Sink centre, 700, W1200, basin R
Sink centre
 Bartscher Cutlery polishing machine TU
Cutlery polishers
 Bartscher Gastro single handle mixer,h.shower
Sink fittings
 Bartscher Water softener system MC-N16, 1unit
Water conditioning units

Coffee machines

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 Bartscher Coffee machine Contessa 1002
Coffee Makers
 Bartscher Round filter paper 245mm, 1000pcs
Coffee Makers Accessories
 Bartscher Cups warmer 72 cups, SS
Cup warmer
 Bartscher Milk frother, Capuccinatore
Espresso machines

Cooking machines

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 Bartscher Stock-pot stove, 300mm, SS
Stock-pot stoves
 Bartscher Pasta cooker,pasta station,4baskets
Pasta cooker
 Bartscher Gas cooker transportable, 1 burner
Gas cookers
 Bartscher Gas stock-pot-stove 280PRO
Stock-pot stoves

Deep fat fryers

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 Bartscher Deep fat fryer 650, W600, 2x10L
Electric deep fat fryers
 Bartscher Pastries deep fat fryerFPE27S 35L E
Pastries deep fat fryers
 Bartscher Sub.basket deep f. fryer "SNACK", 8L
Fat disposal container
 Bartscher D.fat fryer ProfessionalII,2x10L,TU
Electric deep fat fryers

Electric devices

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 Bartscher Drink Mixer double 2x700ml
 Bartscher Induction cooker IK 35SK 3,5kW
Induction cookers
 Bartscher Vacuum packaging machine 290/4
Vacuum packaging machines
 Bartscher Hand dryer, 2,1kW, plastic
Hand dryer

Fryer & Grills

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 Bartscher Contact grill Pannini, grooved
Contact grills
 Bartscher Salamander, Hi-Light Premium
 Bartscher Griddle plate, TU, W660, smooth
Electric table-top griddle plates
 Bartscher Waffle maker double, heart shape
Waffle makers

Gas & Electric Stoves

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 Bartscher Induction wok 5kW, TU
Induction woks
 Bartscher Barbecue grill, stand and table
Electric barbecue grills
 Bartscher Induction stove 2 CZ, 650, B700
Table top induction stoves
 Bartscher Induction cooker IK 235Z
Table top induction stoves

Gastronorm containers

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 Bartscher GN container, 1/1, D200
GN containers without handles
 Bartscher Cool display top Sushi, 5x1/2GN
GN Cooling tops
 Bartscher Lid 1/1GN, with sealing
Gastronorm Lids
 Bartscher Transport trolley 18GN110

Ice & Cooling machines

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 Bartscher Refriger.counter vent., 9dr, SB
Refrigerated counters
 Bartscher Display fridge Panorama 550L
Display fridges
 Bartscher Ice Crusher 4 ICE
Ice crusher
 Bartscher Saladette 1535T2GLK

Kitchen equipment

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 Bartscher Wall-mounted hood 700 w.motor W2000
Wall-mounted hood Series 700 with motor
 Bartscher Work table 700, W2000
Work tables depth 700 without backsplash
 Bartscher Heated cupboard 700, W1400, w.splashb.
Heated cupboards with backsplash
 Bartscher Corner cupboard 900, SB
Corner cupboards

Kitchen Machines

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 Bartscher Slicer 250
 Bartscher Meat grinder Alu for Kitchen Aid
 Bartscher Spiral dough kneading m. 38 kg, 42l
Dough stirring machines
 Bartscher Rice cooker, 8L, 25-40 pers., SS
Rice cookers

Microwave ovens

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 Bartscher Wall-mounting shelf 520x400mm, SS
Mod.-No. 174.520
 Bartscher Microwave 25L, 1000W
Mod.-No. 610.182
 Bartscher Microwave DIG, 25L, 1000W
Mod.-No. 610.181
 Bartscher Microwave 23L, 900W
Mod.-No. 610.836

Ovens & Steamers

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 Bartscher Convection oven, universal
Convection ovens
 Bartscher Perforated tray 433x333, alu, MA3
Baking trays
 Bartscher Base unit f. steamers
Kombidämpfer Zubehör
 Bartscher Perforated tray 2/3GN, alu, MA4
Convection ovens accessoires

Pizza ovens

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 Bartscher Pizza oven Mini 2, 2baking chambers
Pizza ovens Twin-chamber
 Bartscher Pizza oven CT 100, 1Bch 610x610
Pizza ovens Single-chamber
 Bartscher Base unit f. pizza oven
Pizza ovens accessories
 Bartscher Base unit f. pizza oven ET105 / 205
Pizza oven base units

Pots, Pans & Co.

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 Bartscher Cookware set 4 pots with lid,SS,IND
Cookware sets
 Bartscher STL Cast-iron frying pan
Frying pans
 Bartscher Cereal dispenser, double
Cereal dispenser
 Bartscher Pump station,4 pumps 4x3,3L
Pump sauce dispensers

Warming & Heating

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 Bartscher Bain Marie, 1/1GN, 200mm, w. faucet
Bain Maries table top devices
 Bartscher Foodwarmer oval, ceramic, 6,5L
Electric Chafing Dishes
 Bartscher Hot-dog machine, 4 toast sticks
Hot dog machines
 Bartscher Infrared food warmer 1/1GN
Infrared Dishwarmers

Professional equipment for the gastronomy

Professional tools are simply essential in the gastronomy. You are in this context particularly important because we are here concerned mainly to a high degree of functionality. In this environment, it was primarily established Bartscher products that are characterized by a variety of attractive properties. The gastronomy equipement from Bartscher is especially popular in restaurants, because this manufacturers producing very robust, high quality and easy to clean products. If you opt for products from Bartscher, you can be sure that it is purchasing a durable product, which is also the highest demands.

Another product line, which one should mention in this context that are different from pizza ovens Bartscher and Apexa. These high-quality pizza ovens are available in two versions, with one or two separate baking chambers. So you can simultaneously cook two pizzas without having to mix their different flavors. A pizza oven is essential in any functionally equipped gourmet kitchen to create a wide variety of culinary delights. Star chefs from around the world swear by the pizza ovens from Bartscher and Apexa.

In summary, we can only report good things about the various products of Bartscher and Apexa. Whether pizza ovens, plate warmers and soup pots - the product range of Bartscher impressed by variety, quality and a unique price / performance ratio. If you need catering needs, they are the brands Bartscher and Apexa always reliable partners.