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  1;  in "Kitchen Machines"
  2;3  in "Ovens & Steamers"
  Ashtrays  in "Electric devices"
  Bain Maries  in "Warming & Heating"
  - Bain Maries table top devices
  - Bain Marie standing Devices
  Bain Maries table top devices  in "Bain Maries"
  Bain Marie standing Devices  in "Bain Maries"
  Baking trays  in "Ovens & Steamers"
  Blenders  in "Electric devices"
  Blow torch  in "Electric devices"
  Bottle Cooler  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Buffet displays  in "Buffet equipment"
  Can opener  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Carving plates  in "Buffet equipment"
  Ceiling-mounted hood accessories  in "Exhaust hoods"
  Ceramic grill plate  in "Table-top griddle plates"
  Cerane electric cooker  in "Table-top devices"
  Cereal dispenser  in "Buffet equipment"
  Chafing Dishes  in "Warming & Heating"
  - Chafing Dishes with fuel
  - Electric Chafing Dishes
  Chafing Dishes with fuel  in "Chafing Dishes"
  Chest freezers  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Chicken grills  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Chocolate Fountain  in "Electric devices"
  Coffee Makers  in "Coffee machines"
  Coffee Makers Accessories  in "Coffee machines"
  Cold displays  in "Buffet equipment"
  Combi scraper  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Commercial vacuum cleaners  in "Hotel Supplies"
  - Wet & Dry Multi-Cleaner
  - Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
  - Vaccum Cleaner Accessories
  Contact grills  in "Fryer & Grills"
  control for wall mounting  in "Wall-mounted hoods"
  Convection ovens  in "Ovens & Steamers"
  Convection ovens accessoires  in "Ovens & Steamers"
  Cookware sets  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Crêpe makers  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Cupboards  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Serie 700 without backsplash
  - Serie 700 with splashback
  Cupboards  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Cup warmer  in "Coffee machines"
  Cutlery holders  in "Buffet equipment"
  Cutlery polishers  in "Cleaning Machines"
  Cutter  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Cutting boards  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Deep Freezer  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Dishwarmers  in "Warming & Heating"
  - Electric dishwarmers
  - Infrared Dishwarmers
  Dishwashers  in "Cleaning Machines"
  - Dishwashers
  - Trays & baskets
  Dishwashers  in "Dishwashers"
  Display boards  in "Buffet equipment"
  Display fridges  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Dough stirring machines  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Drawer-mounted hairdryers  in "Hotel hair dryers"
  Egg boiler  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Electric-Hi-Light-Salamander  in "Salamander"
  Electric-Salamander  in "Salamander"
  Electric Chafing Dishes  in "Chafing Dishes"
  Electric cooker  in "Table-top devices"
  Electric deep fat fryers  in "Table-top deep fat fryers"
  Electric dishwarmers  in "Dishwarmers"
  Electric heater  in "Warming & Heating"
  Electric table-top griddle plates  in "Table-top griddle plates"
  Espresso machines  in "Coffee machines"
  Exhaust hoods  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Ceiling-mounted hood accessories
  - Wall-mounted hoods
  Fat disposal container  in "Deep fat fryers"
  Food service cart  in "Buffet equipment"
  French fries warmer  in "Warming & Heating"
  Frying pan  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Frying pans  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Gas cookers  in "Cooking machines"
  Gastronorm Lids  in "Gastronorm containers"
  Gastronorm pans  in "Gastronorm containers"
  Glasswashers  in "Cleaning Machines"
  GN-Accessories  in "Gastronorm containers"
  GN-Trays  in "Gastronorm containers"
  GN container perforated  in "Gastronorm containers"
  GN containers  in "Gastronorm containers"
  GN Cooling tops  in "Gastronorm containers"
  Griddle plates  in "Fryer & Grills"
  - Table-top griddle plates
  Hair dryers with wall mount  in "Hotel hair dryers"
  Hand dryer  in "Hotel Supplies"
  Heated cupboards  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Heated cupboards with backsplash
  - Heated cupboards without backsplash
  Heated cupboards with backsplash  in "Heated cupboards"
  Heated cupboards without backsplash  in "Heated cupboards"
  Heat lamp  in "Warming & Heating"
  Hot cupboards  in "Warming & Heating"
  Hot displays  in "Buffet equipment"
  Hot dog machines  in "Warming & Heating"
  Hotel hair dryers  in "Hotel Supplies"
  - Drawer-mounted hairdryers
  - Hair dryers with wall mount
  - Wall-mounted hair dryer
  - Wall-mounted hairdryers (frontal)
  Hot water dispenser  in "Buffet equipment"
  Ice-cream maker  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Ice crusher  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Induction cookers  in "Table-top devices"
  Induction woks  in "Table-top devices"
  Infrared Dishwarmers  in "Dishwarmers"
  Insect killers  in "Electric devices"
  Insulated dispenser  in "Buffet equipment"
  Juice extractor  in "Kitchen Machines"
  KitchenAid  in "Kitchen Machines"
  KitchenAid Accessories  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Kitchen machine  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Knife sharpener  in "Electric devices"
  Label holder  in "Electric devices"
  Magnifying mirrors  in "Hotel Supplies"
  Meat grinder  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Melamine containers  in "Gastronorm containers"
  Mulled wine pots  in "Warming & Heating"
  Multi Grater  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Multi pans  in "Electric devices"
  Oven gloves  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Overshelf GN container  in "Gastronorm containers"
  Overshelves  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Overshelves double
  - Overshelves single
  Overshelves double  in "Overshelves"
  Overshelves single  in "Overshelves"
  Paella pans  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Party tables and benches  in "Buffet equipment"
  Pasta cooker  in "Cooking machines"
  Pasta machine  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Pastries deep fat fryers  in "Deep fat fryers"
  Pastry roll machines  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Patio heaters  in "Buffet equipment"
  Pizza oven base units  in "Pizza ovens"
  Pizza ovens accessories  in "Pizza ovens"
  Pizza ovens Single-chamber  in "Pizza ovens"
  Pizza ovens Twin-chamber  in "Pizza ovens"
  Plate shelves 200 mm  in "Wall shelves"
  Plate shelves 300 mm  in "Wall shelves"
  Pump sauce dispensers  in "Buffet equipment"
  Rechaud  in "Warming & Heating"
  Refrigerated counters  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Refrigerators  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Rice cookers  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Rice warmer  in "Warming & Heating"
  Roast fryer  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Rubbish bin  in "Electric devices"
  Saladettes  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Salamander  in "Fryer & Grills"
  - Electric-Hi-Light-Salamander
  - Electric-Salamander
  Salt shakers  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Samovar  in "Warming & Heating"
  Sausage slicers  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Sausage warmers  in "Warming & Heating"
  Scales  in "Electric devices"
  Serie 700 without backsplash  in "Cupboards"
  Serie 700 with splashback  in "Cupboards"
  Series 600 Accessories  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Series 650 Accessories  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Series 700 Accessories  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Series 900 Accessories  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Shashlik and frying pan  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Shelves  in "Wall shelves"
  Shelves  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Shock freezers  in "Ice & Cooling machines"
  Shoe polisher  in "Electric devices"
  Sink centre  in "Cleaning Machines"
  Sink fittings  in "Cleaning Machines"
  Sinks  in "Cleaning Machines"
  Slicers  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Soap dispenser  in "Hotel Supplies"
  Soup kettles  in "Warming & Heating"
  Sous-Vide cooker  in "Ovens & Steamers"
  Spice shelfs GN 1/6  in "Wall shelves"
  Stainless steel polishing spray  in "Kitchen equipment"
  Stick mixer  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Stock-pot stoves  in "Cooking machines"
  Table-top deep fat fryers  in "Deep fat fryers"
  - Electric deep fat fryers
  Table-top devices  in "Gas & Electric Stoves"
  - Cerane electric cooker
  - Electric cooker
  - Induction cookers
  - Induction woks
  - Table top induction stoves
  Table-top griddle plates  in "Griddle plates"
  - Ceramic grill plate
  - Electric table-top griddle plates
  Table top grills  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Table top induction stoves  in "Table-top devices"
  Thermo jug  in "Warming & Heating"
  Thermometers  in "Electric devices"
  Thermo transport container  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Toaster/Quartz tube toaster  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Toasters  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Towel dispenser  in "Electric devices"
  Transport container  in "Warming & Heating"
  Trays & baskets  in "Dishwashers"
  Trolleys  in "Buffet equipment"
  Trolleys  in "Cleaning Machines"
  Vaccum Cleaner Accessories  in "Commercial vacuum cleaners"
  Vacuum Carpet Cleaner  in "Commercial vacuum cleaners"
  Vacuuming bags  in "Electric devices"
  Vacuum machines  in "Electric devices"
  Vegetable cutter  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Vegetable peeling machines  in "Kitchen Machines"
  Waffle makers  in "Fryer & Grills"
  Wall-mounted hair dryer  in "Hotel hair dryers"
  Wall-mounted hairdryers (frontal)  in "Hotel hair dryers"
  Wall-mounted hoods  in "Exhaust hoods"
  - control for wall mounting
  - Wall-mounted hood Series 700 with motor
  - Wall-mounted hood Series 700 without motor
  - Wall-mounted hood Series 900 with motor
  - Wall-mounted hood Series 900 without motor
  Wall-mounted hood Series 700 with motor  in "Wall-mounted hoods"
  Wall-mounted hood Series 700 without motor  in "Wall-mounted hoods"
  Wall-mounted hood Series 900 with motor  in "Wall-mounted hoods"
  Wall-mounted hood Series 900 without motor  in "Wall-mounted hoods"
  Wall cabinets  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Wall cabinets with doors
  - Wall cabinets without doors
  Wall cabinets with doors  in "Wall cabinets"
  Wall cabinets without doors  in "Wall cabinets"
  Wall shelves  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Plate shelves 200 mm
  - Plate shelves 300 mm
  - Shelves
  - Spice shelfs GN 1/6
  Warming trays  in "Warming & Heating"
  Water conditioning units  in "Cleaning Machines"
  Wet & Dry Multi-Cleaner  in "Commercial vacuum cleaners"
  Wok pans  in "Pots, Pans & Co."
  Work tables  in "Kitchen equipment"
  - Work tables depth 600 with backsplash
  - Work tables depth 600 without backsplash
  - Work tables depth 700 with backsplash
  - Work tables depth 700 without backsplash
  Work tables depth 600 with backsplash  in "Work tables"
  Work tables depth 600 without backsplash  in "Work tables"
  Work tables depth 700 with backsplash  in "Work tables"
  Work tables depth 700 without backsplash  in "Work tables"